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The Buried Giant: A novel

The Buried Giant: A novel - Kazuo Ishiguro The Buried Giant is a Story. That kind of mythical Adventure, submerging Tale, banish-the-world Story that captivates me, that inspires my complete trust as a reader. The same mist that causes the people in the book seemed to surround me and shut out my everyday worries for the duration of the short read. It is the work of a master story teller, and there's no holding back in experiencing the adventures of Axl and Beatrice.

The central question of the book is the nature of memory, whether it serves good or evil, peace or war. Is a long marriage healthier, stronger with it or without it? Is the peace of nations safer with it or without it? I know a lot will be made of the genre of this book, so different than Ishiguro's others, but in essence, it is no different. This story is unabashedly character oriented and asks the questions of Life as we know it now, despite the post-Arthurian setting.

Sometime I just close a book at its end and can say little more than simply "wow". This is a wow.

I was lucky enough to get a free copy of this book through First Reads.