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Island of a Thousand Mirrors
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The Life and Death of Sophie Stark

The Life and Death of Sophie Stark - Anna North I got a copy from the First to Read program.

This novel purports to be a combied effort to describe Sohpie Stark, to tell her story, by those who knew her, some better than others. But they can only describe their experiences with her -- the woman herself remains difficult to describe, even after I've finished the novel. She's a person who has some difficulty relating to others, but who nonetheless is capable of love in some fashion. She makes small independent movies as a way of relating to others, but apparently without too much advance planning. She... well. It's hard to say. But she's captivating. The characters in this novel each have their own voice and come alive, even though they're not really trying to describe themselves. It's a great read, although a bit disturbing. When I closed it, my first reaction was "wow".