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The Man Who Wouldn't Stand Up

The Man Who Wouldn't Stand Up - Jacob M. Appel This book felt less like a satire and more like a farce to me. And in general, I don't enjoy farces. It wasn't a witty farce -- there are no real laugh lines. But the plot is ridiculous, the main character a charicature, and much of it doesn't make any sense. I felt like it started out with the potential to be a satire -- indeed the first 50 pages or so felt like they might develop into something really interesting. But then it fell short.

In one line, the character mentions Rosa Parks and compares himself to her with a scoff. In one sense, the comparison works at the beginning. Rosa Parks was also an accidental protester -- she has often said that she wasn't planning a national movement, she was just tired that day. But her movement was meaningful enough that it was turned into a national movement, and she was dignified enough to make it work. This guy isn't. In fact, for all his education, he really isn't very smart. At all. In fact he's so stupid that I lost interest in him.

All right, so what was the author trying to say with this? I have some guesses. Maybe:
"No matter how respectable we seem, we are all one tiny mishap away from our lives falling apart enough for us to expose the selfish, violent cad inside."
And then some ancillary points:
"Ethticists are amoral."
"People who like plants should not be trusted."
"We might all be surrounded by closet criminals."
"A good woman will love you even though you don't deserve it in any way."

So, not my cup of tea. I was hoping for more from the book description. But that being said, there are probably lots of people out there who will enjoy the humor in it.

I got a free copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.