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The Panic Virus: A True Story of Medicine, Science, and Fear

The Panic Virus: A True Story of Medicine, Science, and Fear - Seth Mnookin This is a really good reference for those wanting to know about the controversy surrounding vaccines and their alleged but disproved connection to autism. It ends in a court case that lays many doubts to rest.

I feel like it's lacking a little bit in treating the questions of the parents involved, though. Yes, the author should be sure to discount the scientific claims based an anecdotes and feelings. But some of these parents have good, unanswered questions, which they should be allowed to ask. Of course they shouldn't endanger their kids or anyone else's. But I felt overall that in his zeal to discredit their claims (a laudable zeal), he dismissed their questions too easily. He's not wrong. But a more sympathetic touch could help the reception of his work. Who knows? Maybe even asking scientists working on autism reasearch would benefit from pondering these questions now and again, because their job is, now that we know it's not vaccines, to find the real causes of autism, and data helps. Just to know that someone is taking their cases seriously would help these loving parents.

All right, that's my rant. Lots of good info here. Just a little short on the respect end of things -- some of the bad guys are clear, but other 'bad guys' could just as well be construed as victims. *sigh* Real life is complicated.