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A Tale of the Dispossessed: A Novel
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Mesabi Pioneers
Jeffrey Smith, Russell Hill
The Crusades Through Arab Eyes
Jon Rothschild, Amin Maalouf
Island of a Thousand Mirrors
Nayomi Munaweera

A Girl Named Zippy

A Girl Named Zippy - Haven Kimmel I picked up this book when I was called for jury duty -- I read it in the waiting room where we had to sit day after day waiting to be picked for a jury. Between my laughing out loud and my tearing up at trying to hold my laughter in, I probably convinced everyone around me that I was crazy. In any event, I loved the book and wasn't chosen for a jury. This memoir has a hard edge, and certainly there are things that aren't all that rosy (I also loved the sequel, but that explains things a little better), but it's funny in its honest childishness. The writing is wonderful.