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Have I Told You Today How Much I Love You?

Have I Told You Today How Much I Love You? - Cheryl Sturm A very sweet story and colorful book. The art is not particularly impressive, but it's simple and bright. And, again, the story is sweet and lovely.

As to the actual educational/numbers part, though, this book would be so much easier to write and understand if it were in metric. But of course, it's American, so it has an inch, a foot, a yard, and a mile. Inches and feet and yards work here -- she gives examples of things that are that big. Really excellent. But the mile page is really awkward. It's hard to explain a mile to a child without using local landmarks they're familiar with. What's 5280 feet? But this is a limitation of our number system. So besides just remarking that it's awkward, I won't hold the author responsible.

But there's a lot of love in this book, and I love it. The mile page is not enough to keep me from recommending it. It'll give a great hug time with kids.

I got this from firstreads.