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I Built My House on a Volcano (Mi casa en el volcán)

I Built My House on a Volcano (Mi casa en el volcán) - Joe Cole I got this from the First Reads program.

I really enjoyed this book, and it struck me as one in the tradition of [b:Oh, The Places You'll Go!|191139|Oh, The Places You'll Go!|Dr. Seuss||2125304]: something that looks like it's for kids but is in fact the perfect high school graduation gift. It has colorful pictures, and the bilingual aspect is wonderful, but the main idea in it, deciding what risks to take in life in order to be happy, is really quite advanced.

It's definitely G-rated, so it's not inappropriate for kids, and I'm not a kids' book expert, but just from personal experience I'd guess that it's not going to be meaningful to kids under 10 or so. But it would be very meaningful to young adults and adults, especially those going through major transitions in their lives.