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Island of a Thousand Mirrors
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All the Light We Cannot See

All the Light We Cannot See - Anthony Doerr Another WWII story! Ah, but it's worth it. It's well written, alternating voices that have their own character. One is Marie Laure, a blind daughter of a locksmith in Paris, one is Werner, an orphan growing up in Germany -- they end up converging in northern France on the battlefield. So there's a simple plot outline for you.

But how it's done is so interesting. Werner's world is full of science -- he's an electronics tinkerer, and his best friend is a bird watcher. Marie Laure is a reader, relishing the books available to her in braille, especially 20k Leauges under the Sea (made me want to go and read Jules Verne!). Their experiences are rich, and their internal lives are fully explored. They are not purely defined by the war they are experiencing, but of course it affects how they live. I just loved living inside their heads for a while.

Given how wonderful the writing was, I was a bit, well, puzzled by the end of the book. It didn't seem particularly strong to me. But that was one slightly sour note in a book I enjoyed thoroughly, so I still recommend it.