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Paul Hanley
A Month in the Country
Michael Holroyd, J.L. Carr
A Tale of the Dispossessed: A Novel
Laura Restrepo, Dolores M. Koch
Mesabi Pioneers
Jeffrey Smith, Russell Hill
The Crusades Through Arab Eyes
Jon Rothschild, Amin Maalouf
Island of a Thousand Mirrors
Nayomi Munaweera

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves - Karen Joy Fowler Powerful and well-written. I don't know what I'm allowed to say about this book because of the spoiler debate, but I can say that much. Also, it's thought-provoking, setting up ethics tangles that are hard to unravel. It's written as a fictional memoir, a record of a young woman who doesn't fully understand her past or her present (do any of us?), but who is exploring them in a way that I could relate to. Even though they're nothing like my life.