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From Bruges with Love

From Bruges with Love - Pieter Aspe This is a fun mystery read, pretty well-written but with some formulaic elements. You got your gruff guy with a temper problem, but it's okay 'cuz he's so good at his job and most of the folks he doesn't like end up being bad guys anyway. You got your beautiful, sexy, capable lawyer lady love interest. You got a gay partner/side kick. And a whole host of really bad guys, all of whom are rich and some of whom are politicians, so it's easy not to like them. Everything ends up getting tied up pretty well, and it's a fun romp.

There are a couple elements that I struggled with, possibly because of cultural differences. There are lots of characters, and most of them have names starting with V, so I have some trouble keeping them straight at first. And the lady love interest is pregnant, but participates in the ubiquitous drinking and smoking anyway. And it turns out that the requisite act of senseless but somehow titilating violence against a young, innocent, sexy woman is so requisite that it's in there even though it was totally unnecessary for the plot.

*sigh* But it is what it is. A fun mystery read, so I won't try to over-analyze it.

I got a free copy of this ebbok from NetGalley in exchange for a review.