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What Is Fat For?: Re-Thinking Obesity Science

What Is Fat For?: Re-Thinking Obesity Science - Ignatius Brady A fantastic summary of what we know about diets and weight loss from a reasonable doctor who knows what he's talking about. There are study and pop science book summaries. There are examinations of what might work better than others. And then he stops short of telling you what the big answer is. Because there is no big answer. We have an honest book, folks.

That honesty probably means it won't appeal to your average dieter. But it should. He talks about the different roles of fat, carbs, and protein, about how protein is more important than you think it is and the other two less so. He also talks about the fact that all this is complicated beyond what others are willing to admit and that there's probably no one right answer.

Dr. Brady gives advice to his readers that he would give to his patients. He tells us to try a few things and to keep them up if they work and feel good and stop them if they don't. He then takes a good hard look at the weight loss medical industry to evaluate its value. And then a good hard look at obesity to analyze how worried about it we should be. His answer might surprise you.

This book is very well balanced and well written. Dr. Brady allows for the grey areas in this discussion. He admits it's complicated and there are no real good answers. That may make his book less popular in the marketplace, but higher ranked with me.

I got a free copy of this from Net Galley.