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A Month in the Country
Michael Holroyd, J.L. Carr
A Tale of the Dispossessed: A Novel
Laura Restrepo, Dolores M. Koch
Mesabi Pioneers
Jeffrey Smith, Russell Hill
The Crusades Through Arab Eyes
Jon Rothschild, Amin Maalouf
Island of a Thousand Mirrors
Nayomi Munaweera

Dogtology: Live. Bark. Believe.

Dogtology: Live. Bark. Believe. - Jeff Lazarus A light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek sketch up of a bible for dogtology adherents. Lots of fun for those who love dogs. Lots of humor.

I'm a nerd and had hoped for information, and there isn't in here -- there's a lot of fascinating stuff that's true of dogs that science is just discovering. In fact there's quite a bit of misinformation. But this is straight-up humor book. Great for gifts. Great for laughs. Don't take it too seriously.

I got a free copy of this from Net Galley.