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What Lies Between Us: A Novel

What Lies Between Us: A Novel - Nayomi Munaweera This one broke me. I'm still trying to recover. It is beautiful and enveloping. No, not beautiful. It is terrifying. It is what the Romantics meant when they set their sights on the Sublime.

So read it, but only if you're feeling strong. There's child abuse, love dashed on the rocks, and madness.

Although the narrator's childhood is spent in Sri Lanka and there are vivid descriptions of life there, the main story line really isn't about Sri Lanka. It's a universal story and could be told anywhere. But it takes place in Sri Lanka and has elements of the immigrant experience and that enhances its individual character. So, universal and unique.

There is a quirky little thing, though. The author self-references. The characters in the book make a fleeting reference to the author's first book. A little weird moment that stuck out. It made me go hmmmm...

I got a free copy of this from Net Galley.